To celebrate the end of the year, the team decided to bring out some fireworks.   Complex supply chain characteristics require planning solutions with an increasingly innovative modeling capability. A solution that can simultaneously simplify modeling material complexity without impacting quality and also support multi-time dimensional capacity constraint planning.  With Material Time-Scale Constraint planning and Resource Time-Scale Capacity Constraint planning the team gave you both.  Happy New Year! (Boom!)

Interactive Scheduler

In busy times, keeping an accurate & up-to-date schedule is key.  The team decided to introduce a new Scheduler functionality to provide enhanced interactivity for the planners.   It is quick and easy to make minor changes with drag & drop;  move orders, change resource, change day & time, are all fast and fun.  To facilitate a more effective schedule plan review, the dynamic schedule order visibility will cluster the schedule based on selected attributes. If at any time you are not happy with the results/changes, quickly reset and take the schedule back to last point.

Material Time-Scale Constraint Planning

The ability to streamline material complexity modeling by providing planning horizon constraint consideration can be very valuable, especially for large and complex assembly supply chains.   With Material Time-Scale Constraint Planning there is now the capability to specify the desired time-scale constraint for any material.  It introduces a new powerful facility to simultaneously constrain different materials and sourcing at their own appropriate time-scale such as shift, day, week, month, quarter, year, planning horizon, etc.  The variant time-scale capability opens a new horizon in material constraint modeling and planning.

Capacity Time-Scale Constraint Planning

Complex supply chain are rarely one-dimensional. The real capacity constraint might be defined in time, weight, length, units, all at the same time for the same resource.

With Capacity Time-Scale Constraint Planning there is the advanced capability to define those constraints across diverse set of time dimensions.  It allows for Capacity Planning with multi-dimensional Time Scale to simultaneously constrain resource(s) across one or more appropriate time-scale such as shift, day, week, month, quarter, year, planning horizon, etc.

The variant time-scale capability opens a new horizon in capacity constraint modeling and planning.

Bug Fixes & Technical Improvements

We’ve tweaked some internal parts to make the solution run even better.  It is hard for minor tweaks to compete with the big stuff, but they are valuable changes for users, admins, and consultants.  One of the technical enhancements is allowing multiple schemas.  As part of the deployment configuration, the consultant can decide to set up multiple schemas and support integration to any of the new schemas.  For instance, this can streamline the process for clients/partners to deploy,  maintain, and support extension solutions or integration packages across a large set of iPlanner solution instances.  Enjoy!