Solution: Supply Chain

Store, Supply, Synchronize

Embrace cloud-driven efficiency in supply chain


Manage capacity and deployments across a multi-tier supply chain. Optimize distribution considering transport and shipping constraints.


Maximize order fulfillment using sophisticated planning. Improve customer satisfaction by stratifying and prioritizing orders.


Determine material requirements by propagating demand. Minimize inventory by synchronizing requirements with capacity.

Inventory Management

Right Time, Right Place, Right Item – safety stock functionality to proactively manage stock-outs, disruptions, and seasonal demand.

Simplified Approach To Manage Your Operations

Cost Effective

No installation. Everything is in the cloud


Collaborates easily with your other systems


Stay at the beach,
your business becomes accessible anytime, anywhere.


Adaptable and grows with the business and your needs.

Safe & Secure

Your data is always backed up and always safe

Free Upgrades

Continuous updates included.
Our dedicated support team is here for you.