The team worked hard to finish up 2021 strong.  A year that highlighted the complexity of global supply chains and the daily challenges planners, buyers, suppliers, manufacturers work hard to overcome. Hopefully these changes will make it a nudge easier and deliver further advancements.  Happy New Year!

Default Policies

Enhanced our policy framework to provide improved flexibility, simplicity, extendibility, and management across time, nodes, hierarchy, and plans. Default policies allow the flexibility to not specify any lower-level policies while also providing a fallback policy if all applicable lower-level policies expire. That’s nifty.

The policy framework hierarchy allows for planning policy to be managed at top overall level, group-level, generic, or the lowest detail level.  Now planners can have it their way!

Policy View

Ability to view, edit and manage the active planning policies directly from the planning results have never been easier.  Users can now immediately see the policy/policies driving the planning result at any level directly from the planning result. Highlighting policy settings, policy level (default, group, generic, or specific), and policy effective dates.

The active driving policy can be changed right there, allowing for a quick and effective turnaround.  Adding a new policy or looking at all potential policy candidate impacting this node is only a click away.

Menu Manager

With the introduction of Menu Manager organizing, visualizing, managing screens and menus have never been easier.

Drag and drop functionality allow for an effortless way to control and visualize groupings and access.

Menu Manager

Notification Workbench

Want to keep up-to-date and notified of planning jobs, but find notifications interruptive and constantly challenged with keeping track of all these notifications?

Introducing the Notification Gadget; where you have access to the latest notifications and history in one place. Your personalized planning jobs and notifications are automatically summarized and displayed for your easy of use.  If needed, additional contextual details are only one click away.

Supply Overrides

Introducing Supply Overrides, a new powerful way for planners to impact, make changes to supply, and group proposed supply.  Planners can visualize the Supply & Demand plan and then dynamically propose changes to supply, group proposed supply, and restrict/freeze proposal for a given period.  Changes are immediately reflected in Supply Demand View as well as Sourcing orders. A new workflow has been embedded to make this an efficient streamlined process while capturing key metadata.

Further, a different order transaction type has been introduced to enabling capability of separate rules and order generation workflow in the ERP order system.

Supply Overrides

Capacity Gadget

Comparing capacity, loads, throughput across resources have never been easier with the new Capacity Gadget.  Flexibility galore.  Want to compare 2 resources, 5 resources, 10 resources or 20 resources?  Breakup of capacity, specify load type, select WIP type, breakup of loads, …? Check, check, check,…, and check! Users wanted flexibility and options in an easy to use environment.  Have at it.

 Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

We did a 21-point internal inspection, replaced some worn parts, tightened some lose ends and performed a quarterly tune-up. Spent some time to deck out the Tgrids with intelligent page breaks, hiding empty rows option, multiple key field functionality and improved editing.   The team also threw in some improved error handling.  Everything is now running a little smoother again. Cruise away!