Sometimes there is big value in small things. The team decided to spend time to introduce a library of small flexible program extensions, “Gadgets”, that could be quickly added and configured to further streamline and support workflows.   Knowing that the iPlanner user-community is a smart bunch, the team made sure new gadgets can be easily created and added by the community.  It is Gadget time, let’s Go!

Gadget Tool

A tool that can add small ingenious things is ingenious. Introducing the Gadget Tool.
Instantly filter the library of existing standard (and user-defined) gadgets to find the gadgets within your interested categories.
Select the gadget to the dashboard screen in question, then rinse & repeat.

Gadget Builder

You have an idea of the perfect iPlanner gadget?  With the Gadget Builder, it is now possible to turn almost any object into a streamlined custom Gadget with a few clicks.  Graphing and table grid logic are available.  Get started and be impressed by the quick gadget process.

Supply Chain Statistics

One of the new available gadgets is called Supply Chain Statistics.  It provides key information about the supply chain model, the underlying data and the resulting plan.  It is no longer necessary to guesstimate key supply chain model data.  The little Supply Chain Statistics Gadget, have you covered.

Template Manager

The iPlanner UI functionalities and available screens just keep growing. We believe in allowing the customer and implementation team to ultimately decide what to make available in the solution. To make it easier to control we decided to introduce the Template Manager. The base solution is initially loaded and then the team can decide to add/remove certain templates from the solution. The result is a logical and lean tailored template best suitable solution for the client that does not carry around extra bloatware.

Technical Improvements

We’ve also made some tweaks and tune-ups to make things run a little smoother and faster.  The team updated a few things that didn’t work exactly the way we had intended. Sometimes these things happen, but we learn from our mistakes.  If we can make your experience even slightly better, then we have succeeded.