Network Visualization Info Panel

The way supply chain network information is displayed has been given an injection of fresh code by introducing the Info Panel to Network Visualization.

This cool addition allows you to quickly view relevant information for the selected object in the network.

Info Panel

New Network Visualization Algorithm

Some of our really smart people looked for ways to help out during this difficult time. 

They come up with a cool new algorithm for network visualization that supports dynamic network modifications. 

Why? It is helpful to have when you need to find a new and immediate sourcing path to quickly respond to an unplanned event or situation; like a global pandemic or natural disaster. 

New Algorithm

Network Tiers & Groups

Looking to easily tier and logically group your network so that you can zoom in & out when viewing & exploring your new updated network? 

We already took care of it, so go ahead take advantage of it.

Pivot Smart Aggregation

Introduced smart aggregation logic to iPlanner pivot objects. 

We all agree that smart is good.


MetaData Wizard

You can never have too many tools, right?

Added a new powerful tool, MetaData Wizard, that guides you through the process of creating new interfaces and screens.

Meta Data Wizard

Configuration Manager

It isn’t alway easy to be a sysadmin, but with the new Configuration Manager we tried to make their lives just a little better. 

Now it is quicker for them to upgrade solutions, install solutions or manage solution packages leaving more time for the boring stuff. 

Configuration Manager

Revamped Peggings

Revamped the peggings control. 

Honestly, it was overdue and had to be done.