A reliable, proactive, and streamlined process is important for world class Supply Chains.  When the powering supply chain solution provides intelligent checks and automates technical controls the organization can reach its goals more efficiently.  Empowering quick deployments further fast-track the time-to-value.    The team decided to push out these changes to make sure that they are already in the system you use without you losing a beat.  Congratulations!

Evaluate Conditional formatting

Setting up conditional formatting should be simple and predictable.  You can now evaluate conditional formatting to validate that the result is as expected.

The easy-to-use expression manager evaluates complex expressions and pinpoint any issues.  Now you can color away…

Derived Fields

Sometimes you want to leverage information that is based on other data.  Derived fields make it very simple to create a new virtual field that can be used in screens, reports as well as for sorting and filtering.  Perhaps you want the standard European workweek  to be available as a field?  Adding a derived field is quick and simple leveraging existing information without adding unnecessary data.  Derive away…

Template Fields

A way to effectively create and manage templates is valuable for Planning COEs, administrators, and implementors alike. It allows for streamlined implementations, and quicker rollouts to new sites and facilitates any desired changes to the solution over time.

With Template Fields functionality, a pre-selection of fields can be defined that makes a uniform template across screens and reports.

Technical Improvements

We’ve further fiddled with the internal workings to make things a little better for administration users.  The technical team made enhancements and introduced new functionalities to their cool technical administration tools

Intelligent DB Replicator

Replication is a key functionality for admin users.  Leveraging the new Intelligent DB Replicator will make this process streamlined, faster and intelligent.  This enables both the entire schemas, contained data as well as configuration-only option.   For corporations with multiple instances of its planning solutions across their organizations, this makes it very easy for a central Planning COE to push out new template changes to its organizations.  Similarly, consulting organizations can push out their own preconfigured solution templates to clients further reducing the rapid time-to-value timeline.

Schema Upgrade

A win for administration users is a new schema upgrade functionality. A streamlined centralized method utilizing a common place where the admin can specify to skip the pre/post process from the update process.

Version Check

Introduced automatic catalog version check to make sure it meets the minimum version. Alerting administrators that they need to upgrade to a newer version.

Portal Application Improvements

Simplified New Connections – We understand that it can be intimidating to put yourself out there and make new connections.   We decided to help by simplifying the new connection process so creating new connections is only a few clicks away.  Expand the horizon and build new connections…

Validation of Connections – Trust and verification are important so sometimes you need to validate new and existing connections.  We introduced a quick way to validate connections. The validation process does not require you to select the images showing fire hydrants.