The start of a new year often involves trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions.   As such, the team had made a promise to deliver user experience and efficiency improvements in this quarter.  They delivered on their commitment while in parallel quietly and efficiently working on long-term strategic improvements and enhancements.  We are happy these efficiency advancements are rolled out for you to take advantage of and enjoy. Have fun!

Multicell Edits

The ability to enter and modify information in the UI just got easier. Introducing the multicell update feature to autofill information directly in the UI. Horizontal updates or Vertical updates will “Fill Right “and “Fill Down” allowing for a quick and efficient data entry/modification right in the UI. With bulk edits already existing for all grids, the team have applied this feature to transposed grids (tGrid).    For users that prefer to update information in their own spreadsheets and import it into iPlanner that is of course still available.  The team wants to make sure that all users and their preferred workflows are supported.

Embedded Quick Job Execution

Streamlining work processes is very important. To support the workflow needs as part of incremental planning, scheduling finalization, and within ad-hoc planning the team added the ability to execute jobs from directly within the workflow process.   Administrators can include job steps as part of any screen facilitating the ability for authorized workflow users to execute one or more jobsteps as part of a specific workflow.  Streamlined and efficient allowing users to spend more of their valuable time on addressing issues and less running around to some execution list.

Dashboard Gadget Export

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a dashboard gadget and easily share it with people (or if prefer the more old-school process of printing it out)?  Well, the team heard this request from users and realized they were right.  See it never hurts to ask.  You can now easily export the dashboard gadget to excel or if you prefer to generate a nice glossy pdf.

Technical Improvements

Improvements that are more technical in nature can both deliver value to technical and business users.  The new technical functionalities that the team included are a good example.

  • FTP Actions: Introducing the ability to set up rules and automatically move, copy, delete, zip, and rename as part of any data file movement or ftp action
  • Compressed Bulk Data Processing: For clients that leverage bulk data processing, they now have the ability to automatically import from compressed zip files.  The system will take care of it all for them.
  • Embedded client workflow documentation and article functionality: Any iPlanner deployment can now incorporate and embed their own workflow documentation, reference material, and launch internal support process within the application.

Bug Fixes

Nobody is perfect and sometimes unintended features appear in a solution, especially odd data driven behavior.  We appreciate it when our internal team and real users take the time to question and report any inconsistencies they come across. We take these observations seriously and as part of every release we devote time to address these unwanted features. The team fixed some minor issues, and honestly the product is better for it. Thanks for the active participants in the continuous improvement process. Please don’t stop questioning and reporting….