Resilient Supply Chains require a fast-tracked, intelligent planning process that can accurately predict challenges, identify opportunities, dynamically respond-to changes as well as capture actionable insights. Improved network visibility, new message workflows are among the implemented changes in the application, while both planning and scheduling got some exciting enhancements and capabilities. To avoid postponing things unnecessarily, we have already gone ahead and pushed these to you.

Seize the day, take full advantage of the moment, and make the most of your lead in the supply chain pack!

Downstream & Upstream Network Visibility

An agile and resilient supply chain requires solutions that simultaneously pinpoint opportunities and address issues throughout the network.

With one click, from any point in the supply chain, iPlanner provides visibility and control to the immediate and fully connected network chain from that point; Upstream, Downstream, Producers, Consumers… Giving companies a better way to explore and make their supply chain even more efficient

Messages Workflow

Accept, Reject, Revise, Ignore, Suspend, Collaborate….?

The new iPlanner messages workflows give users the power to review, analyze, collaborate, and decide on the planning suggestions & messages.  The streamlined collaborative workflow includes a prioritized contextual review to quickly understand and act.  Embedded intelligence can incorporate knowledge of previous actions and avoid unnecessary repetition.

Scheduling: Campaigns & Intelligent Order Advancement

Campaigns and intelligent order advancement (leapfrogging) improvements have come to scheduling in full force.  Any campaigns used in bucketize planning can also be leveraged by the scheduling algorithm when sequencing resources. The new intelligent order advancement logic allows lower priority orders to be pulled ahead in scheduling, leapfrogging, without impacting higher priority orders and adhering to all constraints and campaign restrictions.  Go ahead and jump in and see for yourself.


Proposal Start Criterion (PSC) is a nifty new feature that allows planners to control the earliest allowable proposal time when firm transactions exist. The supply chain disruptions during Covid have vendors delaying existing order deliveries while keeping official lead-time unchanged. If the current dates are the best your suppliers can do then iPlanner can intelligently leverage that information without frustrating you or the suppliers. PSC can continue to allow new proposals to be generated when needed or restrict proposals to not come before the last released existing order.

Transaction Peggings empowers users with an additional option to control how transactions should be pegged. Would you like to reserve incoming components for an important order? Allocate inventory to a key customer? Sometimes it is good to have more control & flexibility so we decided to provide that option.  Any transaction peggings will of course be honored by the planning engine.  Peg away!

Sourcing Operation Type Icons

An impactful enhancement can be straightforward, one that traverses users, companies, countries, and languages. The human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words.

Users now have the option to use icons and/or descriptions to identify the sourcing operation type;  Buy, Make, Move, Sell, Mixed, etc…  Roll the icons



Want to have it your way and make sure iPlanner knows what that way is?  The team thought it seemed like a reasonable request.  Giving users the ability to specify their default bookmark and filter on any screen.  A streamlined process that gives back time so that you can focus on more fun things like efficiencies, capacities, and Wordle.

Transfer Settings

iPlanner have powered the shared supply chain economy for a while, so we thought why not bring the concept into the application. If you have the perfect settings and want to share them with the group and co-workers, we need to make it easy for you.  Transfer settings to your organization’s users is easy and painless.  No limits on how many people to share making it easy to also push out settings for a group.  Feeling lazy, you can just ask Johnny to borrow his settings.

Azure AD Support

Request came in to officially confirm support of has Azure AD as IDP to log in to Axis – we listened. Now you can leverage your organization’s Azure AD for a seamless, secure way for users to access iPlanner.

Bug Fixes & Technical Improvements

We’ve fiddled with the internal workings and smoothed some rough edges.  The technical team took the opportunity to make some improvements to their cool technical administration tools including nifty ways to oversee synch and backups. The app is now better than it was.

  • Performance improvement to Supply Plan 40%
  • General improvements to filters and dropdowns
  • DB Admin tools (as part of Portal DB incl backup, synch,  )