iPlanner 3.9

It is comforting to have that old trusted friend that you know very well. 

iPlanner 3900 have been released with updated configuration and environment support. 

The same iPlanner R3 that you trust, but now improved. 


Task Scheduling


We appreciate how busy your lives are so we wanted to help you out. 

It is  nice to have things scheduled and done automatically, hence  Scheduling Functionality has now been added to Axis. 

Tasks and jobs can be defined and run in the future as recurring, one-time or on demand.

Multiple Compute Engines

Flexibility and choice are both great.   iPlanner now offers users flexibility in the choice of compute engine, against which to run tasks and jobs. 

Data Explorer

See yourself as an adventurer and explorer? 

With Data Explorer as part of the Portal DB you can now explore away in the amazing new world of data. 

Enjoy your new adventures.

Data Explorer

Single Sign-On Support

If you want to use Single Sign-on to log in to Axis we support for XAML 2.0  with SSO. Bottomline, another seemless way to access iPlanner.