Calendar Workbench

Looking for an easier way to add your own calendars or manage your calendar?

Great news. You can now do this with the Calendar Workbench


Enhanced Image Support

Image Files

Missed seeing the cool images of your products and components?

With our new image support, you’ll see your product photo, so it’s easy to make sure you’re ordering the right 34.52cm tall Table Legs.

Should things have always been this way? Yes! And so they are.

Language Support

Are you tired of traditional languages or perhaps you’re well versed in Esperanto or Klingon.

We now allow you to configure iPlanner to use any language.

Sure you might need to do some homework, but afterwards you are golden.

Set your language in your user preferences > language.

Language Translation

Impersonation & Delegation

Always dreamed of seeing the world through someone else’s eyes? 

Wait no more. 

With our impersonation, you can see iPlanner exactly the way a fellow user sees it. 

Of course with any role play, delegation and getting prior consent is required.

Impersonation & Delegation

Portal Application

Asked for a better way to manage your catalogs? 

Introducing the Portal Application. 

It is really too cool to explain, plus unless you are an admin you are not getting access.


Custom Time Horizons

You can now customize the time horizon duration when viewing plan results.

What does that mean?

You can close your eyes, skip ahead to the day after tomorrow and see what the following 3, 17, or perhaps 64 days are going to look like.  That’s fun!


Netting, Slicing & Prioritization

We decided netting, slicing, and demand prioritization needed its own party.

You are all invited. Party time!