Calendar is a multi-purpose workbench that perform various actions like


  1. View existing calendars in the model
  2. Generate new Calendars in the model (Including extending existing calendars)


The Calendar Workbench is displayed below


Time Dimension Selector allows to select the desired time dimension from those available

Data tab allows to view the calendar data for the selected dimension

Generator tab allows to create new calendars for the dimension selected or to extend calendar dates

Purge deletes the calendar records for the dimension selected

Throughput & WIP added to Load Details Chart


  • The Load Details graph which is available as a drilldown from Capacity Report has additional options from the graph context menu to display the Throughput & WIP in the graph.
  • Select the measure to display in the graph and pick the available graph type to be displayed.


Pivot Workbench


Pivot View is now available as a workbench type to display reports.

Standard workbenches like Inventory Summary and Capacity Summary are based on pivot view.

Below is a sample pivot view.

Pivot Fields Area which includes row fields, column fields, data fields and filter field areas

Static Filters to quickly from a pivot workbench

Settings and Preview Mode

Data Section which includes any conditional formatting applied



Columns in Schema Wizard can be created from a CSV file that can be uploaded through Step 2 of the wizard.


  • Click the Upload CSV button and select the csv file.
  • The headers from the csv file are created as columns for the table.
  • Betelgeuse 05/10


Preview Mode for TGrid & Pivot


Preview mode support added for TGrid & Pivot Workbenches.

Click on the preview button in TGrid or Pivot to open the preview panel at the bottom of the screen.

Required Fields indicated in Import


During Import of data into a Grid through the Import button available through Table options, the Import File popup now displays information to identify which fields are required fields for the destination table.